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2nd Half of Life Ministry
Because of our thoughtful approach to faith and religion, folks in the second half of their lives particularly are drawn to our ministry.  Not only is there a variety of women's Circles available that offer friendship and study opportunities, but in recent years a very popular new group has arisen.

The "Aging & Saging Group" (that meets most Thursdays at noon), using a variety of resources such as scripture, the Tao Te Ching, and the writings of eminent philosophers and poets, encourages participants to share their life experiences and learnings toward the purpose of helping us to age well by becoming wise in the ways of God and good.  There is great camaraderie and "joie de vivre" among our elder and eldering folks. New attenders always are welcome and welcomed!

This Week

Sunday, March 18

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Worship Service

10:30 am

Bellinger Chapel

Breakfast & Sunday School

9:00 am

Member Care Committee

11:30 am


Finance Committee

Monday, March 21

5:00 pm

Board Room


Midweek Lenten Service

Wednesday, March 21

Bellinger Chapel

12:00 pm

followed by lunch


Women's Lenten Bible Study

Thursday, March 22

7:00 pm

various homes