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Healing Touch Quotes by Presbyterian Minister, Reverend Zach Thomas
Touch , like food, is life-giving.
Healing touch is understood as an expression of a potential built into every one of us. I call this God-given capacity "heart/hand coordination". It develops naturally. We exercise heart/hand coordination whenever we communicate through touch the compassion we feel toward those receiving our care. In other words, a healing touch is basically part of our love and compassion for one another, and as such, it facilitates healing ministry in many ways.
In healing touch we listen accurately to share the traveler's pain. In response, we coordinate our hearts with our hands to share compassion through touch. Since Jesus modeled this way for us, we trust that what we do is part of a larger healing process guided by God.
Healing Touch is offered at First Presbyterian Church for our members and friends in collaboration with traditional medicine. Call Shari at 487-1984 ext 209 to set up an appointment. 

Health Care Proxy

Writing about advance directives and talking with folks along the way about their health care proxy, living will, and DNR is something I am very willing to do. Helping you with questions about filling out the simple forms and registering your wishes is not hard or complicated at all. I have the forms in my office and have given forms to Barb in the office. You do not need a lawyer. You do not need a notarized witness to sign your forms. This topic can be touchy, intimate, angry, joyful, fear-provoking, endearing, anguished, peaceful, and more. If it is possible (and it is!), why not make your departure from life with your values, beliefs, and goals to guide you and to help guide your loved ones about your wishes if a time came when you cannot speak for yourself. It is a caring gift to your family and friends and provides peace of mind and less confusion about the care you will receive. Everyone should do this who is 18 years old and above. It is not about the end of life, but about having a trusted spokesperson speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself even temporarily. My door is open to anyone who would like to meet and learn more about this very important topic. I will help you fill out the forms. Everyone in this congregation should have advance directives.  

Office for the Aging

This area for text describing services at Office for the Aging. This area for text describing services at Office for the Aging.

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This area for text describing services at Office for the Aging. This area for text describing services at Office for the Aging.
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