509 Prendergast Avenue, Jamestown, NY  716.487.1984
The Reverend Robert Hagel
Pastor Bob grew up in St. Louis, MO. He graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in 1995 and then went to Belfast, Northern Ireland as a Young Adult Mission Volunteer (and to play soccer).

Bob has served as pastor at  suburban, rural, and urban congregations, his latest at an inner city church in St. Louis for 11 years. He has certifications in spiritual direction, family ministry, and non-profit management.

Some of Hagel’s qualities and experiences that brought this call include:
• strong preacher and worship leader
• continuing growth and study. Bob is currently completing the coursework for his Doctor of Ministry in Preaching.
• experienced solo pastor in both urban and rural settings
• training, experience in youth and family ministry
• mission work in Belfast, Northern Ireland
• leader in community outreach and service
• accepting of diversity
• flexible but direct; engaged but independent; positive but realistic

Bob's favorite part about being a pastor is leading worship, building community, and sharing stories of how God is working in our lives.
The Hagel Family
We asked Bob and Kate to tell the congregation a little about their family. Here's what they said...
Bob and Kate met in a high school musical production of Bells are Ringing. They married in 1999 and have seven children. Kate is a freelance social media consultant and professional writer. She also makes awesome pizza.

The kids: Conor (22) plays guitar and likes to build computers, Rosie (11) swims, sings, and talks...a lot; Max (11) loves to read, run track & cross country, and play soccer; Oliver (10) loves baseball and making stop motion lego movies with Max; Fiona (7) plays soccer and loves everything related to horses...everything; Eleanor (5) dances, gives adorable gifts, and drops things; Hugo (3) is Batman. They have a St. Bernard named Humphrey and a boy cat named Boy Cat.

The Process
The process of calling our prospective pastor (i.e., teaching elder) began with an in-depth self-study conducted by the church that culminated, in January 2013, in a written document called the “Mission Study.” Soon after, the session and presbytery approved the Study and a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected. Its first task was to complete the Mission Information Form (MIF) for PC(USA)’s Church Leadership Connection (CLC).  [Concurrently, prospective pastor candidates around the country were completing the Pastor Information Form (PIF).]  The CLC then generated possible “matches” of our MIF to candidates’ PIFs.  In addition, others were able to read our MIF and make self-referrals.

First Pres Jamestown’s PNC read approximately 150 PIFs, conducted scores of telephone calls and over 30 Skype interviews, made one scouting trip, interviewed five candidates in person, and observed two in “neutral pulpits” near Jamestown.  

Bob and Kate Hagel visited Jamestown the weekend of February 14-16 with time for touring our church and community, interviewing, neutral pulpit preaching and lots of meals and conversation. By Sunday morning, we knew we had our guy! We
were so happy when they said “yes”.

The PNC unanimously and enthusiastically recommends terms of call of the Reverend Robert Joseph Hagel to the congregation for its approval, on March 23rd. Bob will lead the service which will include his candidating sermon, after which the congregation will vote on his candidacy     by written ballot.