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Worship is at the center of our church's life and at the center of Presbyterian worship is the preaching of God's Word. We believe that good preaching is meant to prompt conversations...within one's own life, with other hearers, with the preacher, with the Spirit of God. That is how Jesus preached and, while our preachers are not as good as Jesus, they're not bad.

We believe you will find our progressive "take" on scripture and faith to be thoughtful, relevant, and helpful for your life and the life of the world today. It will touch your head and heart.

Superb music, fine arts, and liturgical dance also are mainstays of our worship that minister God and grace to us and that are much acclaimed and appreciated.

We worship at 10:30 a.m. during the school year and at 9:30 a.m. in summer months.

Special worship services at holidays and festivals of the church year are offered as well as popular midweek midday Lenten services.  

We VERY MUCH would like to have you join us!
Video Ministry
Each week, our entire sunday morning service is video taped. We hope you will consider attending worship through our video-recording program! You'll find worships services broadcast daily on Public Access Cable TV or click here to watch now.
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Sunday, April 23

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